Blue Oak Specialty Insurance Services, Inc.

About BOS

Blue Oak Specialty Insurance Services, Inc.

We are a privately held company known for identifying and mitigating the numerous potential risks that afflict automobile and truck dealers of today.

Our aim is to be market leaders in our chosen field, with professionals who provide advice, consults, and solutions to our clients, the automobile and truck dealers and their chosen independent insurance brokers across the United States.

BOS programs are structured on an exclusive basis, available only to those agents, brokers, and dealers who have proven track records of success.

This is BOS' ongoing standard: We will continue to accomplish our long-term goals to produce a stable, profitable insurance product while at the same time offering services that contribute positively to the bottom line profits of our automotive dealers.

It's our job to understand and help control potential risks that automobile and truck dealers experience. Many of these risks are new, varied and complicated: from underwriting to loss prevention and control to claims service, we are here to serve the specialized insurance needs of our producers and their automotive dealer clients.

We are dedicated to this purpose. And best of all - you'll find that we speak your language.